what the fuck?!

did you get here looking for cregox or “ahoxus” from whatever one of those (or other) games?

/whatever//games//vainglory//toon blast//toonblast//toon//blast/

then perhaps you want to know a bit more about me… 😁😘

my dating profile

have you ever been hypnotized? 😵🥴

i haven’t (in the common sense anyway). but i would love to find a trusting partner willing to do it both ways!

got no money. zero. nada. only left with the super power of confusion! and the curse of “smartness” or some sort of “intelligence” which helps almost nothing with financial issues.

looking for life long partners (either singular or plural, whatever works) to live and work in community, on a smallish piece of land, far enough from the city and light pollution. like Tamera. where, in fact, i may end up living in. soon we’ll see.

been married for 10 years and since June 2019, on my 38th birthday, we’re living far from each other, mostly separated but still looking for a common ground for partnership and great sex. still meet with her for that. she doesn’t want kids, i do but only in community. i don’t want to raise kids on my own or with a single partner, at all.

a man who would love to become a woman, for the sexual and social experience. but would never go through the crazy transitioning surgeries only to have a forever dry partial vagina, among many other little known issues related to the process.

i study, on my own, esperanto and languages (including computer), political theory, philosophy, hypnosis and the mind, healing sexuality, tantra, eros playground, computers and technology, permaculture and sintropy, boomerangs and cooking. great at being around average for lots of different tasks, jack of all trades master of none, and organising lots of things and nothing at all. because nothing really matters. to me.


random conversation pioneer

perhaps we could help each other, if you really mean “love to learn from me about all things”…

because i have a deep need to share my visions, but i think i suck balls at doing it in practice, despite all my efforts over the years… or even decades.

at the same time, i’ve got very little compelling evidence that people would indeed love to see it. hear it. feel it. minor minute things, which could be miscommunication. it could be a subconscious form of pity.

so, here’s an idea i just had, inspired just now, by writing this reply to you, dear “anonymous dude online”:

how much would you be willing to pay for the rest of this story? cregox.net/story

considering it’ll be a sum up of everything i see; 100% based on facts and events, and crowdsourced like the Martian, and; it might never be done unless i reach 1k per month, value based on freedom dividends… among other considerations.

also inspired by an answer I just gave to my dear friend (sadly, in Portuguese) for a question he never asked when he shared this video with me: https://youtu.be/UjtOGPJ0URM something along the lines “what’s your view on this? is this idea even right?” to me it’s basically (and thus completely) flawed. and i’m utterly anxious to see the day in which statistics plus an alien visit will evolve reality into something almost nobody will be able to see, at the same time it has been seen by all of us. a fear less sensation, free not “of” but “in” death and pain. a unparalleled freedom to always fit in, accept and enjoy the ride.

sorry. got a bit carried away there. grin